Philadelphiaist will launch on July 1st, 2012. I will publish daily Tuesday-Friday with features introducing and recommending the places I go. The site will be clear and concise, heavy with high-quality pictures and links to contact and visiting information.

Philadelphiaist is intended to appeal to active young professionals. It features outings and Philadelphia based products that will be appealing to indulgent yet health and wallet conscious City dwellers. Readers are adventurous and seek new things and experiences that are enriching and engaging for themselves, their families and their friends.

Being featured is free but I only write about places that I enjoy and are a natural fit for the Philadelphiaist. Features will stay on the home page for 5 days. After that, they will be archived and searchable by type, neighborhood and name.

I have a broad range of interests but I tend to go places that are hip, modern, and social. I also like things that are organic, well-designed, and beautiful. I take all my own photos for places I feature and prefer to verify all posted visiting information.


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